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Is your business listed on Facebook?

Do you have a Facebook page which is in sync with the latest internet marketing strategies?

Facebook is becoming one of the most efficient means of converting an active audience into direct customers.


Excel Online offers comprehensive Facebook strategies to all small, medium and large audiences.


Our in-house Facebook specialists are on hand to maximise an existing Facebook presence or to create a unique and bespoke marketing and re-marketing campaign for your business.


Our tailor made packages can include the design of a brand new Facebook business web page which will captivate your online audience enabling you to remarket and reconnect, with ease and professionalism.

Customised Facebook Page

Maximising your business on Facebook has never been more affordable and achievable.

Excel Online offers tailor made Facebook Solutions, which will analyse your targeted audience and in turn create a strategy that will not only generate business but will make you stand out from your competition.

We offer unique techniques, whilst ensuring your Facebook website matches any other current corporate branding and associated websites.

Want to streamline your marketing strategy and entice your customers to a smarter more efficient way of remarketing?


Contact one of your Facebook specialists who can tailor the following solutions :

  • Customised Profile Pages

    Your business details, logo, phone number(s), address(s)

  • Custom Cover Photo

    Your logo, information about products/services, location details, etc

  • Custom Apps

    Promote your business with bespoke Facebook apps and increase your business reach

  • Custom App Images

    Customised images for apps to target and sustain direct attention from your audience


  • SEO

    Events and More
    Web Design / Graphic
  • PPC
    Riverwood Downs

    Events and More
    Web Design / Graphic
  • Website
    Boat House on Howkesbury

    Events and More
    Web Design / Graphic
  • PPC
    Tilly's Art

    Events and More
    Web Design / Graphic

Facebook lets you do much more!

Apart from having a personalized presence you can enjoy various other benefits through the solutions offered by Excel online.


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